Pennsylvania Energy Choice – How to Choose the Right Pennsylvania Electricity Supplier

Pennsylvania is an energy state that is not regulated that means you have the ability to choose your electricity supplier. You can shop around for the most affordable Pennsylvania electric rates and contracts, and save up to 30% off your power bill if you compare providers.

The first step to get the most competitive rates is to select an energy provider. However, there are a variety of things to consider. You need to know which electricity supplier will be providing your electricity, and which rates are the most affordable in your region.

PA utility companies provide natural electric and gas to your home. Depending the area you reside in where you live, you will be serviced by one of the 11 utilities in Pennsylvania including Duquesne Light, Penn Power, and Met-Ed. The utility company delivers gas and electricity to your home via power lines. They also maintain these lines and fix electrical outages when they occur.

As Pennsylvania’s energy market deregulated began to take hold and more retail providers began to emerge offering competitive rates for customers. Additionally certain of these companies also offer green energy options to residential and small businesses to help them meet the state’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard of 18 percent renewable power generation by 2021.

Customers can choose from a range of energy plans, including fixed and variable rates as well as contract solutions and renewable energy products. They are constantly striving to provide energy plans and rates at a competitive price that will benefit customers in the long run.

Saving money on your electricity bills is simple and easy when you are able to use the internet to find the best Pennsylvania electricity cost. The official site for switching of Pennsylvania, PA Power Switch offers an overview of all the plans and providers available that you can evaluate to determine the one that best meets your needs.

best electricity rates

The website was developed by the PA PUC to allow residents to know more about their energy choice, and to look for and shop for plans that are suitable for them. This website is free of charge and will help customers find the right Pennsylvania energy provider for them as well as educating them on energy deregulation in the state.

A Pennsylvania electric company that offers best electricity rates is usually the best choice for your budget as well as your family’s needs. But, you must read the fine print and avoid hidden fees or escalating rates.

You can also utilize our TrueRate Protection free service to automatically change your electricity provider every six months to the lowest rate in your region, ensuring you’ll never pay more than you should for your electricity. We search the entire PA Market to ensure that you pay the lowest cost for your area.

The PA PUC operates a program that is free and informs consumers on energy deregulation and allows consumers to switch suppliers online. The program, which is called PA Power Switch, provides an abundance of information on the natural gas and electricity markets in Pennsylvania.

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